News for May

Droid Racing Challenge, workshops, AGM The Droid Racing Challenge is just over a month away now, on the 29th of June from 10am – 3pm around the Kidney Lawn at QUT Gardens Point. All spectators are welcome. Self-driving vehicles from eight different university teams will be competing in races around a specially designed race course. … More News for May

2016 Workshops

Workshops for semester 1 2016 start this Friday 11th of March at 4pm, and will continue every Friday after that. This week’s workshop will be in S517, but check here or the facebook group before each workshop because the location is likely to change week to week.

Workshop Resources Added!

See the Resources page to see a whole lot of brand new workshop resources, including the presentation slides, example code, datasheets and required software links from last nights microcontroller programming workshop. Some photos from this workshop have been added too!

Workshop 3: Soldering

March 19, 5pm, GP-S902 For the past two weeks, we’ve been focusing on creating circuits on a breadboard, and then designing it as a PCB circuit. Now we’re going to solder it (noticing a trend?). Please note that due to WHS requirements, it is of utmost importance to wear enclosed shoes.

Workshop 2: PCB Design

12 March at 17:00 in GP-S1129 Last week we made a simple 555 timer circuit on a breadboard. This week, we’re extrapolating on that by designing a similar circuit as a circuit board.

Workshop 1: Circuits

5 March at 17:00–19:00 in GP-S902 Kicking the semester off with a workshop on circuits, feat. breadboards and 555 timers. Hope to see you there! PSA! Because we are in a lab, please do wear closed-toe shoes. Just a little WHS stuff :)